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We are having lunch in a hotel room in São Paulo, hours before a presentation at a convention center. Some questions come to my mind, Is it possible to know who he is by the dance he does? Does what he thinks coincide with what he dances? Where?

Direction and conception

Bruno Beltrão


Eduardo Hermanson and Rodrigo Bernardi

Choreography assistant

Marta Nunes

Motion Research and Interpretation

Eduardo Hermanson


Eduardo Hermanson and Bruno Beltrão

Lighting | light design

Renato Machado

Support | support:

Niterói City Hall and SESC Niterói


Art and photography

Thiago Hortala

Special thanks

João Marcos Beltrão

Norma Cássia Beltrão

"The solo 'Me and my choreographer in 63', performed by Eduardo Hermanson, in which confidences serve as the soundtrack, shines like a black diamond. The dancer mixes hip hop movements until he extracts an eruptive and intimately wild gesture. His body is a prison of virtuosity from which he tries to escape. His combat turns out to be sumptuously exciting."

Le monde

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