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How to keep moving when social and political conditions paralyze society like a suffocating fog? When does hatred create disunity and antagonism? When do concepts such as democracy and solidarity lose their meaning?

Bolsonaro's massive election left many perplexed, but it did not surprise the Rua Group. His latest choreography, Inoah, already tried to give substance to the violent contradictions that tear Brazilian society apart.

Tense as a storm, the urban dance battle that Beltrão puts on stage bears witness to the condition of his country, between encounter and confrontation, hostility and solidarity, aggression and intimacy.


Anderson Dias

In colaboration with

Something Great 


Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Festival d’Automne à Paris & Centquatre, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Wiener Festwochen, SPRING Performing Arts Festival, Sadler Wells, Kampnagel, Onassis STEGI, Culturgest Lisboa, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Romaeuropa, Charleroi Danse, Le Maillon - Théâtre de Strasbourg, Cité Musicale-Metz


Goethe Institut

Artistic direction

Bruno Beltrão


Lucas Marcier / ARPX

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha

Hiroaki Umeda

Assistant director

Gilson Cruz


Wallyson Amorim

Camila Dias

Renann Fontoura

Eduardo Hermanson

Alci Junior

Silvia Kamyla

Ronielson Araújo 'Kapu'

Leonardo Laureano

Antonio Carlos Silva

Leandro Rodrigues


Renato Machado


Marcelo Sommer

Electrical equipment


"A true choreographic work that transforms the inventiveness of gesture and technical excellence into a dizzying, fascinating and totally dominated show from beginning to end"

LE SOIR - 15.05.2022

Jean-Marie Wynants

Kunstenfestivaldesarts: a reinvenção do movimento. O virtuosismo criativo de Bruno Beltrão. Le Soir 

DER STANDARD - 25.05.2022

Ploebst, Helmut (2022, May 25). Festwochen-Tanz com Bruno Beltrão:

Até à eclosão da violência. 

"A brilliant work that was enthusiastically received by the Viennese public."

"(...) Bruno Beltrão and his ten brilliant dancers do not offer an easy solution to the conflict that Brazil is currently experiencing with its authoritarian president, who is cutting down the rainforest in a more brutal way than any before He is condescending to the people and only fuels social conflicts. Bruno Beltrão's choreography reflects the search for a way out of this confusion, and does so in an immensely impressive and memorable way.''

TANZNET.NET - 09/05/2022

Annete Boop.

À procura do caminho. 

"(...) The language of this company grows like a pamphlet; proud, powerful, overwhelming and full of poetry."

THEATERKRANT - 14.05.2022

Moos Van den Broek,

Grupo de Rua New Creation : Uitzonderlijke dansers in een bescheiden statement over “samen leven”. Theaterkrant 


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